Contract Vehicles

Prime Contract Vehicles

REI’s participation in the following contract vehicles expedites the delivery of IT services and solutions by simplifying the procurement process, increasing the speed of the purchasing cycle, and reducing costs.

As defined by OMB, REI’s portfolio of Federal Vehicles includes contracts categorized as Tier-3 Best-In-Class (BIC) Solutions, Tier-2 Multi-Agency Solutions, and Tier-1 Agency-Wide Solutions. Usage of these acquisition solutions supports Spend Under Management, a proven way to eliminate redundancies, increase efficiencies, and deliver more value and savings.

Example RFPs

To help contracting officers and program managers determine what will best meet their agency’s needs, REI offers example Requests for Proposal (RFPs). Contracting officers may find these helpful in determining the requirements they wish to specify and in defining evaluation criteria they may want to include as they procure support for their agency’s grant-making efforts. The examples include:

  • Utah’s Enterprise Grants Management System RFP
  • Florida’s RFP for an Off-The-Shelf, Web-Based SaaS Solution for the Management of all Grants
  • A model RFP that REI has developed to include advantageous features from a number of different sources.

Request Example RFP’s

Commercial Rates

The labor category descriptions provided on this page represent REI System’s best estimate of the kinds of personnel required for successful contract performance. These descriptions are provided to assist contractors in mapping their own labor categories to the ones in their requirements and are not mandatory or fixed. The rates are subject to change for any reason.

Commercial Rates