Life at REI

An environment of exceptional people, long-term growth, and a sense of purpose.

We are a diverse community of people, working in small empowered teams, who are passionate about the missions we support​. ​

Delivering mission impact is the result! ​


At REI we thrive to foster an environment where every team member feels valued and heard. We believe in empowering our employees to take ownership of their projects and grow both personally and professionally. Most importantly, we ensure a fun and enjoyable workplace where creativity and camaraderie thrive.

The REI Way

The culture and values embodied by REI Systems are called SPARK. We achieve results by kindling a SPARK in every employee!


Service to the customer


Passion for success




for the


Keep your promises

Discover our Impact

01 We Develop Our People

REI Systems is committed to scaling delivery excellence by building professional muscle in each and every employee. We accomplish this by providing everyone the opportunity to develop a proficiency in a new skill through training and/or certification each year. We also offer all employees the opportunity to attend our in-house leadership development program, known as SOAR.

02 We Have Fun

Life is not always about work; we believe in having fun together! REI sponsors year-round festivities that include a holiday party, summer picnic, international potluck, employee appreciation days, bagels every Friday, and much more!

03 We Empower Women

Ignite is a voluntary corporate-wide initiative inspiring REI Systems’ women to support and network with each other in reaching their highest potential. It is a trusted forum where women can comfortably share, learn, and grow together.

04 REI Cares

REI Cares not only about our employees and customers, but also about making positive impacts in our communities where we live and work, and all around the world. REI Cares is an employee-driven initiative committed to empowering our people to assist others in need, and the planet’s future, through numerous Corporate Social Responsibility activities.

About REI Systems

REI Systems is a technology company providing application modernization, grants management systems and products, government data analytics, and advisory services that help government meet the demands of the 21st century.​ ​

What began with a single contract with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in 1989 is now a customer portfolio that cuts across 25+ federal agencies and 180+ state, local, and nonprofit customers. We have retained and grown our customer base because of our customer first philosophy. Our employee owners pride themselves in delivering results that help impact the lives of people.​

Join Our Team

REI is repeatedly recognized as a Washington Top Workplace, thanks to our award-winning and diverse team’s passion for leveraging technology to enhance government efficiency and positively impact people’s lives.