REI Insights

Increasing Speed and Services for Victims of Human Trafficking
May 30, 2021
Case Study


The incidence of trafficking has dramatically increased, and Administration for Children and Families (ACF) has seen a commensurate surge in requests from victims for benefit eligibility determinations.

Their mission is to provide leadership, partnership, and support services to victims. In 2018, the agency received three times as many requests than previous years. This surge in demand, combined with a cumbersome process model across several federal agencies, led ACF to the decision to modernize its IT—specifically the case management system it uses to manage information and services for victims of trafficking.


The joint REI-ACF team developed an innovative solution that provides long-term benefits with a new Case Management System (CMS).

This solution increased data and analytic capabilities for reporting, research, and data integration with federal agencies across the government. To solve ACF’s challenges, REI employed its Mindful Modernization® approach. This approach considers the human-centered context and motivations to modernize, leverages skilled people to collaborate with ACF’s team, and uses repeatable processes to manage modernization at the right pace. It also employs the best tools, techniques, and technologies for success in the customer’s context, and controls the disruption of the modernization effort.

Citizen Impact

    • 50% reduction in response time for victims of trafficking in gaining access to benefits
    • Improved victim privacy and security of their information
    • Preventing/reducing trafficking frequency

Agency Impact

    • Ability to migrate data and documents from the past 20 years
    • For every 2,000 cases, there will be a savings of 20,000 labor hours, resulting in more victims being served than ever before
    • CMS cost of ownership dropped significantly
    • Leveraged automation for business flows and updating Case Requestors
    • Moved from manual and paper processes to a digital environment
    • Migration to the cloud allows secure information sharing with collaborating agencies