Delivery Approach


At REI, we readily embrace the challenge of solving the most complex problems in government. IT solutions must change as needs shift. Flexibility is key. All of our project work is approached with an Agile mindset. We seek to deliver value fast.

Our Agile Delivery Framework is a continuously evolving and customizable approach to ensuring that our project practices and methodologies are delivering with agility. Informed by years of experience with pioneer projects in Agile Government, we can rapidly adapt to evolving needs and priorities. We collaborate more intimately with our customers and experiment in real time to continuously improve our solutions and practices. The end result is innovative IT solutions that avoid cost overruns, are proven effective, and meet the highest levels of quality required by the Government.


REI uses a highly effective development, security, and operations (DevSecOps) approach to our software engineering. Our cross-functional, multidisciplinary teams introduce quality checks and security at the start of the software and application development lifecycle to help agencies reduce their risk and achieve their IT and business objectives.

REI’s DevSecOps includes:

  • Automation to ensure identical execution of highly repeatable processes
  • Continuous integration to maintain high quality / reduce errors, and increase the frequency of production releases without additional time
  • Continuous deployment to provide faster time to market and repeatable process and make all team members accountable for the product
  • Continuous collaboration to increase exposure to the product and improve ideation
  • Continuous monitoring, from user experience to backplane diagnostics, to ensure real-time understanding of the entire software landscape


Administration for Children and Families


REI helped ACF deliver more services faster to human trafficking victims with a modernized case management application.

U.S. Citizens and Immigration Services


REI partnered with USCIS to transform a monolith, paper-based system into a modern application that improved service and user experience.



REI Systems helped build NASA an automated, small business innovation research (SBIR) grants system to speed innovation.